Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting Mad, Breaking Light Bulbs & Little Books

man today is really sucky - well it started out that way. i lay in bed this morning wishing that the alarm clock would just shut up. but alas, it didnt. i kept telling myself that i needed to get up but i didnt. i also kept waiting to see if my husband would actually get up and attend to the crying boy (he had been at it for about 30 minutes so i know that the whole house heard him). not only that but elizabeth had to get up and get ready for school. why is it my job to get her ready? fix her breakfast? fix her lunch? make sure her teeth are brushed? why? do i ever get a day off? well yesterday she went to school with her mickey mouse tshirt on backwards and i didnt realize it until she got home. if you know elizabeth you have to know she was mortified when she got home almost to tears.
anyway back to this morning. i was already a bit peeved over the "anniversary" conversation clay & i had had the night before (about gifts and it's just ridiculous that anniversaries and birthdays and special days result in major dysfunction between he and i). but i got up with a slam of the door as i walked out of the bedroom (yeah take that!). i got elizabeth up and went and got david asher out of his crib. got his milk warmed up. sat him down. got eli's (short for elizabeth from here on out!) lunch made and helped her with her morning meds & her breakfast. then i just started my day of animal responsibilities.
i let lily (the 4 mth old mini-schnauzer) out of her kennel to potty before greeting the family. i fed chickens and got their cages set up this morning. (long story but I have some (3) in the garage living in rabbit cages, some (14)outside living in a huge, ghetto rigged, wire dog kennel, and some (9) out in the backyard coop.)
then i go in, fix some coffee, watch eli get on the bus, go back in and start washing clothes. well shuffling clothes from the dryer to a laundry basket, from the washing machine to the dryer, for a overflowing hamper to the washing machine. well miss abby grace has a wonderful habit of really messing up her clothes so i went in the cabinet above the washing machine to get the bleach stick out to put on 2 of her shirts and when i opened the cabinet the - like 10 year old - cardboard box of crap we never use - no exaggeration - foam door insulation (cant think of the proper name for it), 2 old vacuum cleaner belts (i dont think we even have those vacuums anymore), some white supposedly filter material to go in the air vents/filter that has been in the box for years and never opened, light bulbs, an old bike tire pump, miscellaneous adapters to some obsolete pole that is suppose to easily take light bulbs out of the sockets in the high ceiling fans, and an old night light. basically crap we never use)..... it all fell on my head. and also a white camping bucket (that you wash the dishes in) that had a wire heart egg collection basket in it fell too. man i went bananas. i threw the box and all of the lightbulbs shattered. but it felt so GOOD!!! i have a scratch on my forehead.
did i mention that the whole time i am doing the clothes that david asher is in between my legs, holding on to me, eating dryer sheets, touching buttons on the washer.... you know, just in the mix?
well i had to put him behind the gate in the living room so he wouldnt get cut on the glass and he screamed. then clay just quietly started cleaning up the mess which then proceeded to peeve me off a bit more. he was so quiet doing in. man i just wanted to fight.
but i didnt get my way.
sometimes i wonder how clay puts up with me because i can be a real bitty.
anyway i'm sitting here in my pajamas of choice - a wife beater & xxl men's boxer shorts - not wanting to do anything else today but sleep.
while i have been sitting here i think i have been disturbed no less then 5 times.
abby has these little books that she carries around and if anyone gets them then she goes bananas. they are both my books - one is a new american standard version of the bible & the other is a spanish/english dictionary. Needless to say, David Asher as the only boy and baby wants those books too.

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