Monday, October 24, 2011

fall festival time

well we have started our round of fall festivals in the area. a big baptist church up near our house had their fall festival yesterday. they do it so efficiently & it's just enough....not too much candy or too many activities. it took about 1 hr & 15 minutes & we were done. we only took abigail, asher & esther yesterday. rachel was finishing up school work (yes on Sunday - she is swamped this year), levi had a runny nose & it was in the middle of his nap time & elizabeth just didnt want to go. the 3 we took were soooo excited to be in their costumes. they had a good time. we have at least 2 planned for this coming weekend - possibly 3....on the 29th, 30th & 31st. fun, fun, fun. and just for the record, the candy they got yesterday is all gone today! their little baskets or candy bags are only about the size of a 10 - 12oz cup at most, which in my opinion is plenty of candy. after we took out the laffy taffy, tootsie rolls, milk duds & jolly ranchers which i dont let them have for 2 reasons (healthy teeth & choking hazards), there wasnt tons left.
anyway, here are a few pictures of my blue butterfly, iron man 2 & the bumble bee.

ok i couldnt leave out pictures of my flashy. i say this all the time to the point that i'm sure it's sickening but this dog is awesome. i love this dog. i tried to go to weight watchers tonight & he jumped in the van & sat on the seat beside me. he wanted to go. but since he isnt trustworthy in the chewing department i didnt know if he would have chewed the car to shreds if i left him for an hour or so in the car unattended. he's only about 6 months old. again, not trustworthy enough in the chewing department. i had to physically drag him out of the van. and believe me it hurt my heart to do it. if clay hadnt of been there telling me i couldnt take him i probably would have taken him & not worried about the chewing. i'm that kind of what feels right & then worry about the consequences later. (i so hope my kids have better sense than that!)

and this picture is one rachel took 2 weeks ago when she was in her "i might want to be a photographer" mode. she got it of flashy running. i just liked his ears in this picture. I LOVE THIS DOG!! he will sit for hours beside me if i rub his ears & his ears feel like silk! he smells like a skunk most of the time but he still has silky fur & ears. i love me some flashy boy!

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Jenny said...

Gotta love the skunk smell - yuck!
He is cute though and I love the blue butterfly costume. Poor Tori doesn't even have a costume; you are making me feel badly abut it now.