Sunday, October 2, 2011

this is how he rolls!

ok i know y'all are tired of seeing pictures of this dog, but well, too bad. this is my blog & this is my dog & i LOVE HIM. he is the best dog. he learned to play fetch with a ball yesterday in a matter of 20 minutes. he throws a ball up in the air & catches it by himself. he is so much fun & so cute.
well we got new carpet so the dogs havent been allowed on it...until tonight. we put up a gate so they couldnt get in. anyway tonight flash got into the living room & made himself comfortable. i didnt have the heart to make him get up & he didnt want to wallow on the carpet. he wanted to be on the sofa where his people were. i took this picture when Abigail got up to brush her teeth for bedtime. she had been snuggled up in the blanket with Flash. i didnt decide to take the picture until i realize he wasnt moving. soooo cute!!!

how cute is he!!! i love this dog! i cant believe how much i love this dog.

and there is the gate with the other dogs behind it. yep i showed favortism. they werent fast enough when the gate was open. actually calpurnia came in and laid at my feet while i folded clothes. readen is just not trustworthy at all because she doesnt have good training. we are trying tho. the gate isnt the prettiest but it surely serves a purpose. & it was one of the few that i found in my price range that actually stretched all the way across that opening.

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