Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Esther Adlai turns 3!

Esther is a joy. She is fun. She is smart. She is sensitive. She is wild. She is tenacious. she has added so much to our lives. the last 3 years with her have been wonderful & i wouldnt trade them for anything.
I told her today about her delivery. when i told her that having her almost killed me - literally - she just laughed and said "yea, me almost kill you." i love how kids accept things and move on.

anyway, Esther had a full day. we picked up her cake, bought balloons, went to applebees - where they sang to her & she got a free ice cream sunday, then we came home, opened presents & had cake. then she & Abigail & Asher played with her gifts. all & all it was a good day for Esther. Her expressions are priceless. there are pictures of all of us thrown in here & there except for Rachel. she did most of the photo taking today & she caught some good ones too!
the following is picture heavy so beware.
also if you want to see her videos from today & one from a few weeks ago of her dancing to" Moves Like Jaggar" by Maroon 5 you can check out my YouTube channel - chickenwendy & look for them. especially the one of her opening her presents. she was hilarious and so very happy.

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