Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bad swings

Rachel fell off our swing set yesterday afternoon. While that isn't unusually for a child or two to take a tumble off of our playground equipment every now & again, it was in Rachel's case. She is 17. It's not like she was being careless or wild. She was outside with all 4 little ones wAtching them & building her relationship with them. They were all swinging and talking and having a good time.
For whatever reason, Rachel lost her grip and fell back and landed on her skull. She never blacked out & she didn't start vomiting. She did however have a massive headache, complain of constant dizziness and nausea, and light and noise was making her head hurt worse. We waited 3 hours, had supper, baths & got the littles ready for bed....then I decided since she was still complaining of the problems she needed to be seen.
I did figure she had a concussion but I had no clue what to do for one.
Well I was right. After 4 hours in the ER, she was diagnosed with a concussion, given anti nausea meds & a anti inflammatory/pain killer med. She is also on bedrest until her head is better....which could take up to 2 weeks or more. Sheesh!
I am thankful she isn't hurt worse. I'm thankful for great medical care - regardless of the wait. I'm thankful for the means to provide medical care for my children.
I was sitting there last night in the ER annoyed with the adult cartoons the were playing over & over again. I came close to asking them to change the channel. Instead I decided to pray and thank God for my many blessings.
I, by no means, think God owes me any thing. I am the worst of sinners. But I know this...regardless of my sins, God loves me & my children. And then while I thought that I started to think, as much as God loves my family, He also loves the orphaned child over in Ethiopia waiting on a forever family.
He loves the 16 yr old in the American foster system who wonders why life has dumped on them.
He loves the woman who lives in regret of how her life has turned out & pushes everyone away because she can't get past her regret.
While all of these situations are different & in some, the main character is an innocent bystander to the unfairness of life's circumstances.
the bottom line....life isn't fair & God loves. God loves. End of story.
Here is the culprit of last night's injury.

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