Sunday, April 29, 2012

terrible two's come early

levi has really started the terrible two's. i figured it out today. he threw a fit at church today. refused the nursery. screamed like he was being murdered in the parent's room. he just wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. and he still doesnt speak. not a word....unless he wants to shout out the other kids when they are calling "mama, mama". he will scream that LOUDLY. he also, the last 3 nights has started to scream at bedtime. he use to be just an angel at bedtime. give him a kiss, lay him down, cover him up with his special blankets and he would drift off to dream land. not so much the last 3 nights. he stands at the edge of the crib, straining to see around the corner of his crib to look out his door, screaming for all he is worth. wow! the boy who spent 2 hours in the NICU to get the fluid out of his lungs, the boy who had RSV at 3 months, the boy who has been on intermitten breathing treatments - really does have a good set of lungs!

even so, he's so darling. i'm in love.
this is his idea of cuteness. it's a joke with him. i tell him "no" and he will give me this scowl & the laugh like he is the funniest thing. and the reality is - he is pretty darn funny & way too cute. forgive the graininess of the picture. i am trying to figure out my new phone.

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