Thursday, August 23, 2012

Asher's first plane ride!

Asher got to go on his first airplane ride. He rode on a Southwest Airlines Airplane down to  Atlanta, GA to spend 5 days with Clayton & Mema (Clayton's mother). Asher was tickled to get to ride on the airplane. He wasnt especially thrilled to be away from his Mommy but he survived & had a good time. And Asher, being so tenderhearted wanted to bring Mema back with him. He is a lover...not a fighter...and quite frankly he worries about Mema being all alone since Beba passed way.

he got to check out the cockpit, got wings & a certificate!

this was taken on the return trip.

while they were gone we dealt with an abundance of snakes.
this picture was taken after finding & killing  a black snake that was inside of our chicken coop. 

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