Sunday, August 5, 2012

taking applications

i have been silent in this space for a while. i seem to have lost inspiration. none of my usual muses are inspiring me to write (taking applications for a new muse!)....and good things are happening even if i'm not inspired. i'm just exhausted with this pregnancy, with life and have no energy to generally write. i have learned to keep a record i have to make myself write as much as possible. i want to look back at this space...print it off into book form for the kids....and remember with them all of the many memories...good or bad. i know i will eventually get my groove back. until then a picture will suffice.

this is Rachel with her oldest living cousin, Collis Hutchinson. Collis or "Hutch" as most people call him, served in the United States Marine as his life's calling. You cut him & he bleeds Marines. It's in the way he speaks, the way he stands, the way he thinks.....being a Marine is engraved in this man's very being. He's a smart man, a funny man, a proud, witty man. He's fun to be around and you always learn something from him & can usually get a couple of good stories out of him (you should hear his tales from Gitmo!)  he is 71 and Rachel finally got to meet him at Beba's funeral in June. I first got to meet Hutch at my wedding. He laid a kiss on the bride....I was so caught off guard. But i soon learned, it's his way. And when i saw him again in June, he laid a kiss on me then also & it still caught me off guard. Again, it's just his way. He has endeared himself to Rachel, as you might can tell from the smile on her face. Hutch is a cool cousin & she is proud to call him her friend.

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