Tuesday, August 28, 2012


yesterday the kids & i went to the waterpark. i had been promising Asher all summer to go to the waterpark. we spent 4 hours at the waterpark & left because thunder & lightening shut the park down for an hour. i was spent so we just left rather than wait a whole hour anticipating that the lightening & thunder would not return. the kids fell asleep in the van on the way home - all of the kids, from Rachel to Levi. i was enjoying the quiet & had talk radio on listening to the latest happenings on the political scene. we were roughly 1 mile from our house when this happened.  unfortunately the driver of the red truck failed to stop at the stop sign & i couldnt stop completely so i T-boned him. our air bags deployed & we ended up in that ditch. not a fun way for the kids to wake up from an afternoon car ride nap.

thankfully everyone walked away on their own 2 feet. the driver of the other vehicle did have a face full of glass & admitted to failing to stop. he was charged with the accident & i will have to go to court at the end of Oct. our insurance company is taking care of everything. thankfully clay has provided good coverage on the van & we will be back up & running before too long.

i have found that while i am completely grateful to the Lord for His divine protection, i find myself thinking about the what ifs. what if one of the kids had decided to not be in their seatbelt...what if we had of been in the little honda van...what if i had of been speeding....what if...what if....what if. it's horrible the what ifs.
but thankfully i dont have to deal with the what ifs because the what ifs are just that "what if". thankfully, we only have to deal with reality & the reality is we are all safe. this accident reminds us to be diligent in checking car seats & seat belts...reminds me to continue to strive to be the best driver i can be...no more tickets...no more speeding. reminds me to be thankful for every minute...every giggle, every tear, every hug, every breath we have together. i am so thankful...so very, very thankful.

but i am sad. i really like my big "Great White" van...."Jaws". i never thought we would need a vehicle this large and would prefer a super cool SUV; but quite frankly...I LOVE MY VAN!!! i miss it & hope he comes home soon! and i am thankful for his steel bumper & 1 ton size. I feel badly for the little izuzu. The poor little izuzu truck didnt stand a chance.

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