Saturday, May 4, 2013

goslings & the phone

we acquired 2 goslings today. they are soooo cute. just barely 24 hours old. i'm constantly amazed at God's goodness in His creation.

we also have a duck that has ended up with the name "the phone". we had 3 runner ducks....ducklings.  we had them set up in a pen in the yard like we have done many times before, but it seems some varmit (probably a possum) decided to find a way into the pen & eat 2 of the baby ducklings.
so at night we bring the lone duckling inside in a cage at night to keep him safe.

well levi hears the duck quacking (really at 2 weeks old its more of a cheep)....and he goes up to elizabeth (who cares for this particular duck) & says "duck calling you". and the duck is in a cage upstairs....but it doesnt matter. if the duck is cheeping then its calling elizabeth according to levi. 2 1/2 is such a fun least with him it is very fun. (there are a few of my "goslings" in there also!

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