Thursday, May 2, 2013

weed maintenance

since we have built this big deck on the back of the house.....6 years ago....i have wanted to surround it with flower beds. clay has never been a fan of it because unfortunately i havent had a great track record of weed maintenance in flower beds.
but i am getting better & he finally gave in and I tilled up some flower beds this spring. i split my hostas and put them on the shady side of the deck & put perennial bulbs behind them that will come up towards them summer with pretty purple flowers on them. i then found a great deal at Walmart. they had 4" pots (i think they were 4"...i just call them medium!) with perennials in them for $4.77 a piece. And they were a decent enough size that with some of them I was able to cut them in half to make them go further.
I have been working on these flower beds for about 2 weeks now. i told Clay tonight after i was done that i wanted a yard of mulch for mother's day. he laughed and said "did you say you wanted mulch for mother's day?" why yes i did!
plus we are having a drop in gathering for Rachel's graduation and I would like the mulch by then. it will just make the yard (and deck area) look so nice. now I want to paint the deck...white. give it that beachy feel to it..i like the chipped paint look. the wood now just looks....plain. add a little something to it...give it some umph! then once it's painted i would love to paint a faux rug on the floor of the deck. then it would be nice to get a pergola on it with a sun shade & some nice deck chairs & patio table. in will come together.

but here is a look at my hard work. i'm happy. it was starting to get dark when i finished. Asher had t-ball so Clay helped handle that. it was a busy afternoon. supposedly the repair man fixed our fridge but it still doesnt seem to be cooling. we will see.
we missed piano i am just overwhelmed. i have been making them practice....they have recital on the 16th. just could not make it over to VA Beach today. the 2 hours time I would have to sacrifice for piano tonight were too valuable for what i needed to do at home, plus life is on full tilt at the moment & my health isnt (asthma , allergies & arthritis). i'm thankful our piano teacher is so understanding.
rachel made supper (spaghetti). she did an awesome job. elizabeth helped keep a lid on everything else. Clay got home in enough time to dig the last 5 holes and he even pulled the laundry in off of the line that i was unable to get to.
unlike last night (because i dug up 3 trees...a dogwood, a peach tree & a pine tree seedling), i am much more able to move. 800mg Ibuprofins are a wonderful thing for those of us who suffer arthritis irritated by wielding a pick ax to dig up a tree.

oh, all of the flowers are perennials and i am starting seeds on some blue fescue evergreen plants to put in around all of them. behind most of the plants on all sides of the deck are either peony roots or dahia bulbs...with some holly hocks mixed in. i despise the work of annuals. i wont plant annuals ever again...unless it's a vegetable plant. as for the flowering plants i want them to come back year after year & even multiply...which perennials do. i will take pictures this summer when it's all in full bloom and fuller. the plants i put in over the last 2 weeks will get fuller. they are white, red, purple and pink.

"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."  Isaiah 40:8

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