Saturday, May 18, 2013

the racers

so i am the proud coach to 12 little beginner softball players....abigail being one of them. we signed abigail and asher up for baseball & softball this spring with our local rec league. after signing up we received an email asking if any parents would be willing to step up and coach abigail's softball i stepped up. how hard can it be right? (oh's not easy!)
i know i'm biased but i think these girls are pretty special!! it has been so much fun coaching them. it's been a unique experience being called "coach wendy" but one i wouldnt trade for any thing. the crazy thing long as abigail is in this division I will probably be called on to continue to coach this league....and it seems that she will remain in this division for the fall of 2013 & the spring of 2014. we will see.

the Racers!!!







also, here's a picture of Asher in his baseball uniform:

(for the record it was very cold the morning of the pictures!! very cold!!)

also, we had a sleepover tonight with as many girls from the team that were available to stay. it has been a lot of fun. here are a few snap shots...taken at 11:51PM....they were just getting going before we put the Sandlot movie in to watch & hopefully wind them down for the night. (Clay & the boys are outside in a tent for the night!)

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