Wednesday, June 29, 2011

.......and the beat goes on....

not only did asher get a black eye on sunday but yesterday he stepped on a rusty nail. he is fine but it seems he is all boy - which i knew that...but he is acting all boy!!! today when rachel was calling him to come put his lunch plate in the sink & clean up his area he ran into my bedroom & hid under the bed. i saw him hide. rachel came down the hallway asking where asher was. i didnt give him up. he was so cute. i was impressed when he slid all his little boy maleness under the bed with such ease - without thinking it seemed like - effortless. and he had such a wonderful little grin on his face. but when rachel finished her search i made him go put his plate in the sink. i still never gave his hiding spot away. and i wont - ever. he will always & forever have his own hiding spot in my heart.

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