Sunday, June 12, 2011

life these days

breathing treatments - LOTS of breathing treatments (we have 2 nebulizers & have had 5 out of the 6 kids on breathing treatments this last week - not fun)

our house guest moved out so the boys are in the boys' room & the little girls are in the girls' room. esther is now in a big girl bed & levi is in the crib.

boys' room (notice the free bunkbeds & the crib)

girls' room (notice the pink walls & barbies all over the floor.)

painted fingernails & got fingernails done. you might not can see them well in the picture but rachel babysat the other night for clay & i and she wanted payment in the form of getting her nails done again. i took her yesterday afternoon. and of course abigail needed to have her fingernails painted.

held a sick baby. we have all taken turns holding our sweet sick little levi. he enjoys it & has taken to crying if he isnt in - mainly his mother's arms - but at different times any arms will do as long as he is being held!

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