Thursday, June 30, 2011

off visiting

i took the kids, 10 chickens & a big bag full of cucumbers, and animal shears to clip the cats fur to Jennys today. this was her post about our visit. Levi enjoyed himself because he got to taste cantaloupe for the first time.  it was a fun time. it was good to see Gabriel & Alei as Gabriel has been in Colorado for the last year & Alei went to Uganda & has been away. They are so mature & grown up. It's hard to see them so grown up & not feel old as I remember Gabriel as a little wild boy & Alei as a baby with the thickest head of black hair i had ever seen. It was good to see all of the other children too. Abigail loves it there so much she asked to spend the night & if you know Abigail she doesnt ask to spend the night away from mama - so that is a compliment to Mrs. Jenny. Please read her post & see the cute pictures of Alei & Levi.

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Danielle said...

Ahhhhhhh that picture is so precious! Mmmmm cantaloupe, give me more!