Saturday, August 13, 2011

flash & levi

flash isnt just a dog. he thinks he is a person that sits at the dining room table with us.

he will sit at the table even when it is cleaned off & there isnt any food on it. (and he did not try to get food off the table either) but this morning he decided he wanted to sit beside rachel & give her kisses. he's cool like that. he does kiss. i had just missed the actual tongue action. (please send all your emails about how bad it is to let your dog kiss/lick you or your kids in the mouth to someone who thinks that's a problem - that would not be me!)
he has fast become my favorite dog (besides my little calpurnia). he is incredibly sweet. when i am standing outside talking or in the kitchen, he will sit on the top of my feet or either in between my legs as i talk & just watch the exchange. he can get on my bed now & he snuggles. he walks the yard with us. he gets along with all of the other animals. and thank goodness, to my relief, he shows no signs of being a "runner". he likes it here at home! he doesnt spray or lift his leg. i never wanted a boy dog, but i'm glad little flash came into our lives. he is a wonderful addition to our family & he has a firm place in my heart. as a matter of fact, he is laying across one foot as i type, sleeping, & calpurnia is laying across the other. readen is laying close by but there were no more of my feet left. what can i say, the dogs love their "Mama!" Clay has even agreed that Flash has the demeanor that our beloved, Georgia, had - and that is huge for Clay to even think that. i seriously dont think there is any better combination - raising kids with dogs!!

now for levi. he is developing so fast!! his little personality comes out more & more. he crinkles his nose when he grins. he is so cute & i adore him completely!!!

what you talking about Asher!! (he was looking up at Asher who was standing in the chair next to Levi.)
and if you look close you can see his little bottom teeth in both pictures. he is so precious. my little man.

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