Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hillbilly deluxe

the first 2 pictures speak to the title of this post - at least that is what comes to my mind when i see the first 2 pictures.

Esther had gotten into my coal eyeliner & thought it was lipstick i guess. anyway i caught her with it all over her mouth & teeth. i used my phone & snapped a few shots. she looks like a hillbilly with missing teeth. it struck me as funny. even she got the joke!

my Abigail has had 5 loose teeth for a while now. 3 of which have been veeeerrrryyyyy loose - to the point that when she went to the dentist 2 weeks ago he said that they could be pulled. i have given her plenty of time to pull them or wiggle them until they fell out but i just couldnt take it anymore. the teeth were changing colors & the permanent teeth were already coming in - the same problem we had before with her. so tonight i took matters into my own hands and pulled the 3 very loose teeth. she acted like a wild animal during the process but afterwards she was very sheepish & excited because she had a "perfect spot" for her thumb to fit in her mouth when she sucks it to go to sleep. and she also showed me that her tongue fits perfectly through the gap in her teeth! she also got a barbie out of the top of my closet because i felt so bad. i have a collection of barbies that i have saved for years - in the boxes. i figured i would get a curio cabinet but it has never & probably will never happen. anyway...i did feel absolutely horrible because she got very upset during the process & i wanted her to quit crying so i gave her a barbie. i got teary eyed because she was still teary eyed. look at her eyes. you can tell she was crying.  i dont like my babies to cry for any reason - even if it's for their own good. she's growing up so fast!!! too fast!!!!

she's so proud!!

now this picture makes me just laugh out loud. it's hilarious! because this shirt is one of Asher's favorite shirts. he will cry to wear it. i hate this shirt. i try to bury it in the bottom of his drawere but he always finds it. and i cant throw it out because i get the joke. i'm always up for a good joke.
this shirt really embodies a liberal agenda that we, as parents, really despise. we understand there is a principle in this shirt that needs to be adhered to in certain situations with certain groups of people.
someone gave Asher this shirt. someone we love very much. this person knows we spank our children. this person knows we believe in Godly discipline. this person also gets the joke of having our 4 year old son wear this shirt proudly, all the while being spanked if he needs it! this person, who we love very much, has a great sense of humor & loves our children dearly so it was all in good fun.  anyway, it's funny and always makes me laugh when Asher proudly wears this shirt. Asher knows what it says too & will tell you what it says. but i did explain to him the difference between being hit & being spanked & he says "yea Mama, yea".

and this is my coffee thief. if i turn my back on my cup of coffee, this is what i find. the cup is as big as she is, but it doesnt matter. yes the coffee cup says "the spin stops here"(bill o'reilly). and yes her tutu is on inside out with the skirt part coming out at the top of the leg holes. it's how she rolls!

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