Wednesday, August 3, 2011

little quirks

so do you have any little quirks? i have a few. what i am finding out is one of my "besties" (as the young folks say) has some quirks too. i appreciate her & her quirks & she appreciates me & my quirks. that's why we are such good friends. Jenny is one of the only people that I laugh with on a consistent basis. We have always had the ability to just laugh and enjoy ourselves when no one else really gets the joke.

here is a picture of my friend, Jenny, & I after a visit to Chic-fil-A in Richmond (with only 10 of our 15 children) for a veggie swap & lunch date.

so here are a few of my quirks - even at risk of you thinking i'm odd.

1. i dont like my children to touch me. well over the age of like 8. my big girls blow me kisses at night instead of actually kissing me on the cheek. i'm not much of a hugger.

2. i have a thing for office supplies - but especially pens. i have a set of miniature sharpie markers that have never been used - but i love them. i do use my other sharpies.

3. the dishwasher has to be loaded exactly a certain way or i re-load it.

4. my towels have to be folded in a tri-fold & put in stacks of 6. all of the hand towels & wash clothes have to be folded the exact same way & facing the same way in the closet.

5. my girls must wear slips & my little baby girls must have on diaper covers. i can not stand to see a baby's diaper.

6. do not ever touch my nose or put your feet on me - it will not make us friends.

7. my tshirts have to be folded a certain way & the clothes in my little kids dressers (that i put away) must all be facing the same way. and if i find that those dresser drawers have been messed with i lose my mind.

8. i dont like to go barefooted in general & only wear white socks.

9. i have to wear a tanktop under most of my shirts because it makes me feel secure.

10. i usually take a bag of needlepoint, books, magazines with me EVERYWHERE "just in case" i might get bored & need to have something to do to keep me occupied.

11. i have to have extra ice in my drinks or it doesnt taste right.

12. i wear contacts & have very bad eye sight. in the morning, if i havent put my contacts in & cant find my glasses, and someone speaks to me - i cant hear them well because i cant see them well.

ok i think that's enough for now. but as i re-read the list, i'm not that odd in my humble opinion. so what about you???? tell me a quirk or two - i wont hold it against you.

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Jenny said...

Oh my word, I am so laughing, especially that extra ice. I have never gotten that since they fill the entire cup with ice anyway so that you really only get 20 cents of soda for $1.69. Now you are only getting 10 cents worth. I could add more, but you did well.

As for me, I'm pretty sure I don't have any :)
Jenny (in the picture)