Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i have heard the warnings!!!

so with glenn beck's dire warning of food shortages & a call for Americans to stock up on food.............

i'm trying!! really that isnt why i can food, because of glenn beck. i was planning on this anyway. and at the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist - i tend to agree with glenn on a lot.
but anyway, those jars are full of salsa, tomatoes, tomato sauce, chow chow & pickles. i also have quite a bit in the freezer: vacuum sealed squash & zucchini, field peas, green beans, tomatoes & okra for soup. it's going to be a good winter.
i also have about 4 quarts of canned tomatoes from last year. but anyway i canned 14 quarts of tomatoes yesterday & before that i finished up the last of 30 pints of salsa. i have been doing good but not getting much sleep because of the work. so i planned on a reprieve for the rest of the week. sadly the garden suggested otherwise.
this is some of what i got out of the garden today:

 this doesnt include the corn, lima beans, or green beans we picked. or the cantaloupe. in the last 3 days we have picked 16 cantaloupe. we cant & wont eat that much cantaloupe.
the kids helped me - well elizabeth & abigail, today. i couldnt do it by myself. i was close to tears. i just want a break. but at the risk of this food going bad, well i have to push through so tomorrow i will be shucking corn, cutting okra & peeling tomatoes to cook together & then put in jars & put up for the winter. tomato, corn & okra are 3 of my favorite summer veggie....especially fresh &/or in soup. most people who arent from the deep south really dont know about okra, but it is one of those vegetables that has to be cooked just right to be enjoyable. and if i must say so myself, i do know how to cook it "just right". and as it cooks up tomorrow with the fresh picked corn & the fresh picked tomatoes, the kids will start walking by the stove & sniffing the air & ask what we are having for supper because it will smell so good!
so i have to push through & just get it done. i actually felt bad when i walked out past the garden tonight to check on our ducks. i should be thankful for every bit that we get out of the garden. and i am. God has blessed us greatly. i just dont know how other people do it - take care of their gardens, take care of their kids, keep the laundry up, mop the floors, shower, homeschool, eat, breath....sleep........blah! i am thankful.

now for some eye candy...the cutest eye candy ever!!!

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Danielle said...

I was hoping those jars were full of strawberry jam!!!! :D :D :D Love those pics of Levi and Esther.