Tuesday, July 5, 2011

levi grows a tooth!

i meant to get a picture today of sweet little levi but life moves at record pace some days. anyway he got a tooth. a little bottom one. and would you believe he has been so sweet - no fussing whatsoever. his pleasant demeanor reminds us of rachel so much as a baby. he only fusses when he is hungry &/or tired - which can be at the same time. (for the record rachel never cried when she was hungry or tired. she only cried when we "hurt her feelings" by disciplining her. she would tell us that when we would scold her. she was so cute way back when!! now she's just beautiful).
anyway, levi also tried peaches tonight. i have this mesh pacifier teether thing from target that you put food into & the baby can chew on it & suck it & the food gets all mushed up & comes through the mesh. well that boy put a hurting on some peaches tonight. he was sticky afterwards, but smiled the whole while i was wiping him down. my sweet boy!!
oh & another milestone we met is asher can swing himself now. boy times flies. these babies of mine are growing up way too fast!

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