Saturday, July 9, 2011

levi (again) & poor calpurnia

levi is at the point where everytime you look at him he is smiling back. he is also very drooly - which isnt anything new. but he is so chubby & sweet. he is absolutely EDIBLE!!! but his personality is forming & he is so much fun. none of us can keep our hands off of him.
i was trying to take pictures & these guys got in the way.

i have no clue what they were doing. they started putting their hands up on their heads. cute & rotten!

but here is my sweet smiling little man!

couldnt you just eat him up with a spoon?!!
this one is Levi sucking on his little food pacifier. we pop peaches or bananas in it & he goes to town. he likes peas out of the garden too. he likes potato salad. he doesnt like watermelon. i'm looking forward to trying cantaloupe. i do not plan on buying jar baby food at all - nothing...none! i havent with Asher or Esther either for the most part. Unfortunately the oldest 3 got it & I think it really messes them up - but it's not like they dont get over it. I just think it's a bad start to learning what foods they like. baby food is disgusting. i would rather them get a real taste of the real thing.

and now for poor calpurnia. she is 38 days into her 63 day pregnancy & she is MISERABLE!!  i feel terrible for even doing this to her. she has me concerned majorly. she is not herself at all. she wont even wag her tail at me (but she did at Ferb, the cat, tonight when i took her out to use the bathroom). all she does is lay around & sleep. she barely eats. if she isnt better by Monday i might have to go against everything i believe in & take her to the vet. i do not want to lose my sweet dog. she is very precious to me. everything i have read says that yorkies take it hard - pregnancy - & they are diferent for the duration of the pregnancy. but this is extreme.
anyway, here she is. please say a prayer for her. she means a lot to me & i really want her to be ok.

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