Saturday, July 23, 2011

Elizabeth's birthday & a wedding

we celebrated elizabeth's 12th birthday on thursday & friday (her actual birthday). we had to go out for her birthday supper on thursday night because we had a wedding to attend on friday evening. we went to olive garden. my kids love olive garden. and i love their soup & salad. anyway, we did the supper on thursday & had her cake on friday before we went to the wedding. elizabeth liked it because she got to open her presents a day early & then she got to "celebrate" on 2 days rather than just 1. and quite frankly, she deserves a 2 day birthday. she has been such a good help to me with the little ones, with cleaning the house, with helping with the garden - with what i ask basically. she still has problems with her attitude but i dont know what child doesnt. we are actually considering talking to her pediatrician about putting her back on a low dose of her ADHD meds as she needs some help focusing & shutting out the noise when she is trying to concentrate on her school work.
but elizabeth is a beautiful girl, with LONG legs & long light brown/blondish hair, who has a servants heart. she just finished a latch hook pillow that she diligently worked on for a whole year. she is motivated to complete things she starts. she enjoys reading, listening to her ipod, & taming chickens. it has come to our attention recently that elizabeth is quite gentle & good with the baby chicks she has been feeding. she actually has tamed a few to where they dont squawk & flap their wings all crazy when we come near. elizabeth likes to laugh & she thinks justin bieber is cool.
she is a blessing to us and i am so thankful that i have the privilege of being her mother.

now for the wedding. Molly.....well Mary Kathryn Grey married Ben Profitt in a beautiful ceremony last night. Ben - who we do not know - but trust & believe that Molly has picked out a great guy - basically cried the whole way through the ceremony. it was precious. we were all crying with them. it was so lovely, the view of their love for one another. we felt privileged to be witness to their making of covenant. all i can say is that the Grey's are a Godly standard of a family. they give us hope and a belief that all of our children can grow up to be Godly men & women, marry well, be productive & consistently love one another & pass on that love to the next generation. all of their children were there Jessica, Chad, Seth & of course, the bride, Molly or Mary Kathryn as she likes to be called now (but we know her mostly as Molly & Seth still calls her that so....I'm going to also at least on my blog). They were/are all so gracious & beautiful. All of their spouses were/are gracious & beautiful. And Chuck & Kathy....what can i say but they are the same wonderful, loving, giving people - who love the Lord, love each other & love their children & grandchildren. It is obvious in all they do. and on a side note, i wish i had of gotten a picture of Kathy. talk about a beautiful woman....she looked beautiful in a royal/navy, one shoulder, floor length gown - just gorgeous. I dont know if i have ever seen her so beautiful.
we got to see Mimi - she looks really great & hasnt changed a bit...she told clay after she asked us how many kids we were up too "i hope you have lots of disaster". (she knows he owns a restoration company because chad works with clay). it was funny. and uncle donald was there cutting a rug. i think he was doing the shag. i was impressed! anyway, it was a beautiful wedding, from the setting, to the flowers, to the people..all the way around. rachel asked me to take a picture of the dress as she wanted to see it. we did the best we could. it is a few pictures of her dancing with her sweet.
oh also, i am including a picture of the pillow cases i embroidered for them. i found this pattern on another craft blog that i read (feeling stitchy) and thought how perfect for a newlywed couple. we also gave them a neat little recipe/scrapbook kind of thing. instead of keeping her recipes that she will collect through the years in a drawer some where, she can keep them in a little scrapbook that one day she can pass on to her children.
oh and on the bottom is 2 pictures that we got the wedding planner/director to take before we walked out the door.
oh & what was so cool, that i just loved, they left on a motorcycle - i'm assuming one of Ben's but WOW!! so fun!!!

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