Monday, July 11, 2011


i am so sad. terribly sad. i feel like sobbing my eyes out but have to hold it together because of the kids. calpurnia lost her baby tonight. she only had one from what i found in my bedroom. while i was at karate she was home miscarring her baby. it was so perfectly formed, just small & pink. i found it in a dark corner in my bedroom. i knew calpurnia was better because she met me at the door & was wagging her tail at me. i went to my bedroom to change levi and found the little dead pup. it breaks my heart.
calpurnia was in a fight with our cocker spaniel, readen, on thursday - over a piece of squash. actually readen just attacked calpurnia because calpurnia dared sniff a piece of squash that i dropped off the counter when i was cutting it. readen is very much a bully & territorial but she's a good dog. i'm not upset with her. she's young. & dogs do that. i had to pull her off of calpurnia. anyway, that night calpurnia quit eating & started acting listliss & lethargic. i knew something was wrong. but she wasnt having any yucky discharge so all i could do was love her & tried to get her to eat. i'm glad she is ok. i wouldnt want to lose her. i just wish her pup would have survived. but she is definitely feeling better. it's amazing to me an animals resilence.

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