Saturday, July 23, 2011

all things elmo!

esther loves all things elmo, or "belbo" as she calls him. we got her a little stuffed elmo at target & she doesnt put him down. every night i find her with elmo wrapped in her arms.

on a side note, esther, levi & asher are all sick. levi just has an ear infection & is finishing up his antibiotic. he's really fine. but esther & asher are having a hard time with asthma/bronchitis. esther went to the doctor on thursday and was prescribed another zpack. she just finished one 3 1/2 weeks ago for bronchitis. of course on friday morning asher started to cough a bit & his voice sounded gruff. well i think he has it too. they are both on breathing treatments again. i tried to call his pediatrician (who is on call this weekend) to get him a prescription (she told me to as she knows we just went through this a month ago & she knows my kids & she trust that i know what i'm talking about with the asthma/bronchitis issues) but unfortunately it doesnt seem they forwarded their phones to their answering service as both lines rang & rang without end today everytime i tried to call. so i will be taking asher on monday unless the breathing treatments nip this bout in the bud for him.

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