Thursday, August 25, 2011

memories pressed between the pages of my mind

we have a guest staying for about 2 weeks. rachel graciously gave up her bed & is sleeping with her "bros", as she says in the bunkbed that i usually use when i have to nurse levi in the middle of the night. esther decided to climb in bed with her as well as my dog, calpurnia. i couldnt resist taking the picture of them sleeping. asher on the top bunk, levi in the crib across the room & rachel & baby esther on the bottom bunk. what a wonderful memory for all involved. and my heart just filled with delight at rachel's love for her siblings & esther's trust and love of /for rachel. 

rachel took this picture of levi & for whatever reason it takes my breath away. he looks older than 9 months (in my opinion) and soooooo handsome. another heartbreaker on the loose.

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