Monday, January 3, 2011

a blast from the past

this little gem was found tucked away in a box in Clay's & my closet. this picture is of my 3 sisters, my mother & me at my bridal shower - which was about 4-6 weeks before my wedding (if that). so this was around April 1993 (yes do the math.... i was all of 22 yrs old). from left to right is as follows:
Lisa - 25, Renee' - 23, & Christi (the blonde) - 20. I was sitting in front of Christi & that is my Mom to the right and she looks all of 30 yrs old if that.
my wise cracking 15 year old, rachel, saw the picture tonight & said "man mom, memeer (what my children call my mom) looks better than all the rest of y'all." i believe she is right! the hair kills me. look at christi's bangs! hilarious. i wish my hair was that long now. i'm trying to grow it out! but still what a hoot this picture is.

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