Saturday, January 22, 2011

i have a serious problem

ok so these are my sharpies. well these are actually just some of my sharpies. i love my sharpies. i love office supplies. i am addicted to office supplies but mainly pens and markers. and then when i get OCD kicks in big time. i dont allow anyone else to use them. and seriously, i can go my whole life and probably never use all of those sharpies. i am sick! i know it. but they are so pretty. look how nicely they are in kind of a color colors together. so now if i ever have a need to make a lot of posters...well i am set! (let's not even talk about the poster markers and regular markers, crayons, colored pencils......that i have stashed away....oh and the Ticonderoga pencils - best pencil in the whole world!)

so these are the cloth diapers that we use. no one else is allowed to wash them. well no one else really wants the privilege of that task anyway. but look how pretty! again i have a serious problem. notice how when i use my drying rack they are sorted by color and gender. blues, greens and whites on one side for Levi. goldenrod yellows, pinks, lavenders on the other side for Esther.
Rachel enjoys torturing me by trying to mix up the colors after i hang these up to dry. she tries to rearrange my sharpies. she tries to use my sharpies any chance she gets. i know it should not be a problem, but i can break out into a cold sweat thinking that the diapers are mixed up. or that my sharpies are not with their own kind or worse yet - drying out!! the horror!
if you think this is bad you should see my craft cabinets with the yarn, cross stitch supplies, embroidery thread, sewing machines - yes plural, sewing fabric, threads, appliques, patterns & oh and the deco art paint pens, the bedazzler supplies, the beads..... not to mention the 2 cricut machines i now own with the multitude of scrapbooking supplies (i.e. papers, pens - glorious pens - punches, stickers, scissors) along with the sixxix die cutting machine.....on second thought...maybe you shouldn't.
ok i am going to go take a deep breath, go touch my sharpies so i can breath again, and fold clothes while keeping the kids from fighting while they play the Wii.
have a nice weekend.

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