Sunday, February 6, 2011


my beautiful neice just celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. unfortunately she was sick for her birthday. and this is the first year we have decided to not "do" birthday gifts anymore between neices & nephews & grandkids (the grandparents & some aunts dont listen though!! ).....especially with my large, ever increasing, family size it gets expensive. but it makes me feel bad not sending a gift of some sort. but i have been thinking of her.
she has always had the best laugh. i love her laugh. it's one of those laughs that just wells up from her toes & you cant help but laugh when she truly laughs because her laugh is contagious.
unfortunately she lost her dad when she was 9 to health problems. he is with the Lord. i know that he would be so proud of her. it seems that she has truly made a decision to live her life for the Lord. there is no better way to celebrate your 18th birthday then to celebrate knowing God has a big plan for you life & is preparing the way to walk it out.
Happy Birthday Emily!!!

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