Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rachel's 16th Birthday

ok so i will post tomorrow what was going on 16 years ago tomorrow, but for now..a picture of most of the people at rachel's 16th birthday party yesterday.

Jeremy, Caleb, Josh, Brandon, Cameron, Mrs. April, Mr. Edgar (her youth pastors), Evan
Ashley, Becca, Alex, Jeremiah, Garrett, Gage, Emma, Vail, Collin, Madeline, Hailey, Angela
Alaina (holding Levi), Rachel, Candace & Megan.

this group of beautiful young people were a mix from friends she has grown up with to date, karate friends, & her newest friends from her co-op where she takes algebra, guitar & writting/grammar. it was a fun night. and for the record....these are all good kids.

also here is her cake.....yes she is a colts fan...crazy girl!

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