Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i made it through

edited to say**i realize that what i have to "make" it through is far more trivial than what some people are going through and have gone through. i am not so arrogant that i dont know that. for those that may read this & not take into account my personality - i am being quite flippant & i can do that - it's my blog. and for the record i have been dealing with depression & i am doing my best to stay light as sometimes i feel i'm sinking from moderate managable depression to severe, stay in bed in the fetal position, semi-comatose, blowing spit bubbles depression **

yep i made it through a few things lately with minor dents!!! i will come back to explain.
here is a bullet list:

*rachel's 16th birthday
*esther's meltdowns
*valentine's day
*picking out quilt patterns (now for picking out material)
*trimming my dog
*sleepless nights
but until i can get on here with a clear head to think about what i want to say i will leave you with a picture because it's not fun reading a blog without a picture. this child refuses to stay clothed if she can help it.

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