Tuesday, February 1, 2011

who's the boss

it's 4AM and i know who the boss is. currently it's levi. but that's ok. he's the sweetest boss i have worked for - well in forever! (who's the boss is currently on @ 4AM on tuesday mornings on the hallmark channel.) i have to try to keep my little boss happy this early in the morning or well all the other little chiefs will be up. for whatever reason if they hear or sense that there is movement in the house...they will all be awake. i kind of like that though. they dont want to miss out on any of the "action". but it's not a bad thing to be awake this early. i let the dog out for an early morning potty break. i put a load of laundry in the dryer. i'm contemplating making some pancakes for breakfast. i'm really quite alert - which is very unusual. after only 3 hours (the boss actually woke me at 3:17AM this lovely crisp winter morn - after i went to sleep somewhere around 11:45PM - 12:00AM - the Colbert Report was on) of sleep you would think i would be exhausted....well that i am....but i'm not sleepy at the moment. so i'm ready to "carpe diam" - seize this day before me!
rachel has her co-op. we have to have her there by 10:30. the big girls have orthodontist appts. after co-op @ 3:40PM. then rachel has a Generation Joshua meeting tonight out in suffolk. i have a lot to do today also to get ready to go out of town tomorrow (wednesda). Clay & I are going to Baltimore. he has a conference up there for his chem-dry business. they have to go once a year. so he & i decided to take levi & go without taking any of the other kids. we are leaving on wed. mid day & will return in the afternoon on friday. on saturday rachel is having her sweet 16 party! oh man..i wont even go there yet.
but we have friends coming to stay with their children to watch the 5 remaining at home children.
but also for today we should have piano but we are still carrying a virus of sinus & coughing problems so i will have to cancel that again this week. that stinks. we love piano & our piano teacher, Miss Courtney.
i wish my sewing machine was accessible without waking up my big girls upstairs. i could get a lot accomplished on a quilt i am working on.....hmmmm...what to do...i'm leaning towards the pancakes i think.
oh, i finally buckled down and started my weight watchers. not fun but it's a worthy endeavor to make me feel better about myself in the long run. i have to lose this extra weight that i had never lost from esther's delivery. i lost all of the weight i put on for levi  - thank goodness. i hate dieting but weight watchers is a bit different. i do enjoy trying to figure out the points. it's like a game...to see how much i can eat for the least amount of points. a mind game i guess of sorts.
did you know that 2 TBSP of caesar salad dressing is like 3 pts (that may be low - the numbers all roll together in my brain @ 4:42AM). who wants to waste 3 whole points on salad dressing? well i mean, it's good, but seriously 3 pts. i dont think so. i hate "light" or "diet" foods, but when it comes to salad dressings i think it's better. i usually dont realize how much i'm taking in until i do points & then it's an eye opener.
i just started yesterday & i was starving all day. i get an extra 10pts because i'm nursing the baby without supplements & i hate using those extra points, but quite frankly if i didnt i couldnt do it right now - i dont have that kind of will power to really starve.

ok and now for some more interesting news. the search is on to start foster care classes again. i am excited about the prospect of loving on kids while their families are getting themselves together. we will see how it pans out......and in the mean time..i have been in contact with our missionary nurse friend in Belize who is the director of a girl's home there concerning the adoption of one of her girls. it is a lengthy process through Belize but one that Clay's heart is open to....so we are going to see what God might have for us there if anything at all. i really believe it might be a good idea to adopt again for elizabeth's sake.

ok so one of the other chiefs has now started their war cry. let me go check on her. below is a picture of the 2 most demanding bosses i have...but totally worth it. levi had a huge audience while he was bathing the other day. he needed kisses during that bath and esther insisted on giving them over & over again!!!

clay has asked that i learn how to link his webpage for work to this blog. i havent had time to do that yet (go figure) so here is his actual webpage link...click to see all about his company.

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