Saturday, February 19, 2011

life as we know it

life as we know it consist of levi having RSV/Bronchilitis that requires round the clock breathing treatments. thankfully he is not at such a bad stage that he has to be hospitalized. he is still eating & not having to choose between eating & breathing. i am hoping he doesnt get that bad.
but here are a series of pictures that shows you where i spend my days & with whom i spend them.

this is levi who looks like he is questioning my mental state. thankfully he isnt wearing his sickness in his little face.....he is still sooo cute!

this is the new nebulizer we received yesterday at the doctors after i asked for it. the old one is about 6 years old. i actually ordered new filters for it & will still use the old one when i have multiple kids having treatments - which is a at least once a year occurance in my house for prolonged periods. that's a "bubbles the fish" face mask for kids. it is suppose to make taking the treatments easier, more friendly for the little kids. it doesnt work.

this is the old blue lazy boy rocker recliner that we sit in to take the treatments. what i didnt put in the picture is the huge tv sitting on a tv stand in front of that chair.the tv stand also houses the treatment machine & medicine. we watch cartoons when we do treatments. it's what it is.

this was levi after his treatment this morning. very sweet. he doesnt cry at all during them.....he is just as sweet and congenial through it all. 

after i gave levi his treatment this morning i went in search of the other noise i was hearing. this is what i found. i'm not sure what they were up to, but they sure were cute.

rachel & elizabeth were up and didnt want their pictures taken. they are such a big help to me. i was suppose to take them to the Justin Bieber movie today but because levi is attached & shouldnt be out for a while, well i cant go out. so clay offered to take them and rachel was horrified. she refuses to go see justin bieber with her dad. soooo he is taking them to see Gnomeo & Juliet instead. rachel is fine with that. life is going to be rough for the next few weeks. clay will either get a taste of all the running around i do on a daily basis with the kids or else they kids will not be keeping their daily schedules. oh well...this will pass.

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