Thursday, April 21, 2011

abigail turns 6!!

yes my abigail has turned 6. i cant believe it. time has flown by. abigail is such a sweet girl. she keeps telling me she is going to go help feed the children in africa. i believe she will do it too. tonight i showed abigail this blog . this wonderful lady took a group of people to uganda. it's a long story that she explains on her blog....anyway, we sent some boy ties & a few dress shirts & a few girls dresses for a wedding there. anyway i was showing abigail one of the boys wearing one of the ties we sent - which was very exciting. but i was crying reading the blog.....(if you actually read the blog & read about Elianah Treasure you will understand why - actually i cried the whole time we were reading the blog). but abigail patted me as i talked her through the blog & said "mom, dont worry. one day i will go help feed them & you dont have to cry." she is an amazing kid with an amazing call starting to develop in her heart.

so here are some pictures of her birthday (and abigail doesnt like "regular" birthday cake. she likes cheesecake so we bought her a piece from olive garden & i made a cheesecake today because i couldnt make it yesterday because we took alyssa to meet her mom.)

abigail received a lot of barbie things... a new barbie, a barbie glam vacation house, convertible car & jet..all the glam vacation style! there were quite a few girly squeals as she opened the boxes. (and yes i was wrapping paper, just the shipping boxes they came in)
so here are a few pictures of abigail opening presents, blowing out candles, and eating cheesecake!! i threw in a few of the other kids too....just because.

ok before i get comments about how sad esther looks watching abigail eat the only piece of cheesecake, i made a delicious cheesecake today that everyone got a piece of. there are about 2 big pieces or 3 small pieces left....and either way 1 of the pieces is calling my name as i'm up's late...i'm fat & depressed...what's a piece of cheesecake to add to it right??! anyway, everyone got good cheesecake!

this is our friend alyssa, who stayed for a week,modeling her easter outfit. elizabeth is missing her today. please ignore the drying rack & messy cabinet behind her!

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