Friday, April 22, 2011


so i'm not big on couponing or even hitting sales...unless it's the harris teeter buy 2 containers of breyer's ice cream, get 3 free deal - which they do once or twice a year & every time i end up with about 20 containers of breyer's ice cream.
anyway, with the state of the economy, price of gas, inflation on the rise, & the size of my family i'm trying to cut my grocery cost.
now i am paying attention to the sales papers as well as clipping coupons. i think today i scored big - i'm sure not as good as some of you...but i was pleased!!

harris teeter had some buy 2 get 3 free deals going on (until Monday)the following:

12 pack can pepsi products - ended up paying $2.52 per 12 pack. That's pretty good for us.
Bag of Lay's potato chips - ended up paying $1.60 a bag.
I aso payed $.50 per Del Monte 15 oz cans of corn & green beans (where did the days of 4 cans for a dollar go??)
anyway, those were all limit i got 10 of all of those.
I got $.74 toothpaste with coupons today. (Colgate)
Oh & the generic store brand cereal at Farm Fresh was only $1.99 a box. That's good because now it's creeped up to $2.39 & $2.79 a box. I think I bought 12 boxes of cereal. Even if the kids dont eat it with milk they snack on it when we go to karate in little ziploc sandwich bags.

Whole milk is $3.54 a's gone up  A LOT!!! & that's at WalMart. Their milk isnt full of growth hormones so...we like their milk & the fat in the whole milk is good for the kids we go whole milk. And we go through about 4-6 gallons a adds up. I also think i'm going to start shopping at the bread store again & use my freezer.

i got other things today also, but not much....mostly on sale items. it felt good to know in the long run i was saving money.

have you run into any good deals lately??

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