Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday (in pictures)

ok, for the record, i am cropped out of every picture. i am so HUGE these days & feel like a troll so i took myself it was 7:15AM.
Levi got sunglasses!

peeps on a stick. who knew?? i guess this easter bunny did! they were a big hit!

bionicles!! yay for boy toys!

abigail immediately ate her chocolate bunny...& i do mean immediately!

elizabeth counting her stash of eggs!

the following pictures were taken after church. i am in the back in some & then clay is in the back with me in some.....well he got cropped out because i cropped myself out. i really have got to get serious about weight watchers....and look into some plastic surgery....etc!!! i am not in a happy place right now. how often do you see a picture of yourself & say "do i really look like that?" well i had that moment today & it was not good. oh well. but the kids are way CUTE!!!! - actually B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!  i love the progression of pictures. the different looks.

esther getting a trip to space. (for the record it scares me to death when clay does that to the kids & i try my best to curb it...but she was squealing with glee the whole time!)

asher's grapes!!! little tiny grapes, but they are growing. thank you God!

my overgrown blackberry patch. i wonder if we every have a visit from brer rabbit! but bring on the blackberries!! so good! between asher & liberty, we dont get many. asher picks & eats as he goes & liberty just eats them off the vine since she cant pick them off with her paws!

from the back of our lot looking at the goat, pig, & duck pen!! just looks so summery! i love it!

my chicken coop! they are laying again! i'm so happy!!

oh look at my freshly plowed small garden plot!! i'm so excited!! i love it...the anticipation of what will grow. i am really becoming a lover of all vegetables!!

readen!! fun, sweet, pretty readen!! we love her already!

my duckies!!

 my beautiful big girl loving her dog after she watered her pig & goat for the 2nd time today.

all of my new baby chicks!! so cute!

well of course, readen again!

the large garden plot!! by this time next week the whole garden should be planted! i'm so excited! i can not wait for fresh vegetables!

i hope you had blessed Easter!

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honeybee said...

Hey girl, cut yourself some slack. You did give birth to lots of children. I can identify with the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin. I hate that feeling.

It's interesting b/c your Easter card was very encouraging to me b/c it wasn't perfect or fixed up to look perfect. We are just plain old folks and I can't make us look a certain way.