Friday, April 8, 2011

esther turns 2

oh my sweet little esther turned 2. this girl has been ready from the moment she was born. she is strong-willed & wild, funny & sweet.
i am blessed to be her mother.
she got the princess cozy coupe with a trailer attached. you can see her other gift in the little trailer.

she liked her puzzles that she got. it's actually pattern blocks that she fills the puzzles in with. it should help with shapes & colors. we will see. she doesnt seem all that interested in puzzles yet. she's all about baby dolls & lip gloss.

what was really fascinating about esther was that she refused to blow out the candles. she wouldnt even attempt it. she tried to grab the flame but she would not blow. so we blew them out for her & she ate her some cake! i realized after looking at the pictures we really didnt get one of her just standing looking at the camera. they were all action shots. oh well.

here is a picture of our attempt to get a family picture. this was the first one on the camera. i was livid! maybe you can spot why. i get esther's issue & even levi looking to see what esther is doing but rachel...really?? we are sending out Easter cards this year instead of Christmas cards. i was a little busy & tired at Christmas with a new we jsut waited for Easter. either way the pictures i chose for the card arent all that great either but hey, it is what it is -we are healthy & happy - cant ask for more.

i do enjoy going through all of the pictures to see the randomness. it's amazing how many that has to be taken to get a halfway decent one. but i do like to pick one with a quirk or 2 in it...

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