Monday, April 18, 2011


we have some happy children at our house tonight.
we have been promising & it's been almost 3 years since we lost our beloved Georgia Girl - so we felt we were without further ado...
meet Readen....we....well clay...took the first letters of the kids first name & he came up with the new pup's name.
we promised rachel that she could take the lead on being responsible for her - rachel asked for this, as she wants the dog to sleep with her. we will see how that all shakes out.

ok he doesnt look happy but he had chocolate in his mouth that he had sneakily taken off the counter.

abigail was the sweetest about the pup. she started crying & before she even went to meet the dog she hugged my waist & told me thank you. i know abigail has shown evidence of having attitude & maybe some strong will....but abigail has a tender heart & is very compassionate & loving. she is giving & gentle and tonight she was very broken & greatful over the new puppy.

calpurnia isnt sure what she thinks but it has been going well.
this is the oldest we have ever gotten a dog...she is 14 weeks old...but her personality is more developed as well as her house breaking is further along - which this frazzled mama is happy about!


Jenny said...

really cute - I like that color and I'd go older also!!

Danielle said...

Yay for new April additions to the family! :D