Thursday, April 7, 2011

a rant

we actually had a child with a birthday yesterday - esther turned 2. i will be back later to post pictures & talk about all of her specialness!
but for now...i'm so angered with our government. i cant watch the news or else i want to throw the tv out the window. i dont listen to talk radio - or do my best not to right now - or else i start sounding like a crazy homeless lady talking to imaginary bystanders who i think might want to hear my commentary. (the kids surely do not).
so we have a government who can not agree how to balance a budget, cut spending & keep running. for realz???
i mean, come on......i have to balance my budget - only use what i make. if one month is tight, well i have to cut something....right?!! or else what?? i dont pay my light bill. i dont think so.
so while i do feel for my friends waiting on their tax refunds. and i do feel for people wanting to visit our countries great parks. and i feel for those who actually have a job with the government (well...i have a twinge of pity for them)....i say "SHUT HER DOWN". shut the government down & let the imbeciles in washington really work this problem out. but they wont. the american people will just suffer.
we have harry reid saying no to cuts to planned parenthood - why are we giving baby killers tax money? he said no to any cuts to defund health care.....ummm, why are we paying for a bill that is being fought against all over the nation & we are waiting word on the Supreme Court to rule on the stupid health care bill. (i do think a few of the ideas in the bill are good & worth keeping - but the bill as a whole sucks!). and good old Harry decided he would not listen to any ideas on cutting any types of funding to the Environmental Protection Agency. oh yea, lets keep those people in soybeans & organic pants for goodness sake. The EPA has done nothing but cause prices to rise in this country on our groceries & our gas prices & is a "regulatory" nightmare to our constitution.
so while these congress people discuss & dig their heels in the American people will suffer.
we need to get them all out & start over.
i heard Glenn Beck was leaving Fox News. I believe he decided to do that on his own. While it makes me sad, i think he needs to run for president!

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