Monday, September 19, 2011

a birthday & an anniversary

well life goes on. i have been sick & my family down south have been celebrating a birthday & an anniversary.
1st the anniversary. it was my parents 45th wedding anniversary on Sept. 16th. 45 .....might i add (probably to them at times) looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong years! but then again, i bet they, in a sense, have flown by. i know the 18 years i have been married have flown by for the most part.
but i think that's amazing.....45 years. that's a lot of hard work. I'm very proud of my parents. it hasnt been perfect, but they chose to stick it out: bad or good, sick or healthy, rich or poor......and they have had moments that could probably be described as any one of those times at one point or another in their marriage, but they are still going strong. i love you dad & mom & i'm so proud of you.

looking at their picture makes me cry. that's my parents. i love them so much. i miss them all the time. i wish we lived closer so my children could be closer to them. my mom & her common sense self. my dad & his matter of fact self. mom's always moving around & dad's always in his "room". hopefully soon i will get to take the kids & visit. i'm praying to stay well!
now for a birthday:
it is my nephew, Lance's, birthday today. he is 15 years old!!! where does time go??? Lance is a very tender hearted guy. he loves his mama. he loves animals. he doesnt like to hug (that's a benenhaley trait though, so you cant fault him for that!). he also has a great, high pitched, girly laugh if you get him really laughing. its so much fun to get him to laugh!
asher thinks he is awesome because he rough houses with him when we visit. Lance is always up for a game. he's always ready to have fun.
Lance we hope you had a great day today! We love you very much!

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