Friday, September 30, 2011

hair cut

well something that has never happened to us before happened. it is devastating to me. i know it shouldnt be but man i have cried & cried. asher got to the scissors today & cut esther's hair. his reasoning was that esther wanted him to cut her hair.
i am so devastated. it's just hair. it will grow back. i totally get that. but this doesnt happen in our house. i have never had children do this. this children....i should say...asher...that boy....he is so wild. this morning i found him in levi's crib, with a baby chicken, playing. i heard the chirping & knew it was too close to be that's where i found him.
he is constantly getting into things. i hide the scissors. i hide the keys to locked doors. he climbs up & gets them. he still finds scissors. i just dont know what to do with him. he was spanked...seriously spanked & i came close to shaving his head to get his attention but why should i be punished with 2 kids with bad hair? he did cut his own hair in the back but i was able to trim it where you cant tell. his hair is longer anyway so it was ok. but poor esther.....she already had hair issues.
thankfully tho she is very happy with it. and she is only 2 so she didnt have her "good" hair yet. it was still growing & shaping up. i dont normally give my girls trims until they are at least 4. she just got her's earlier.
so here is a picture of what he did to her. it's very short behind & over her right ear. she looks like she is going for a "flock of seaguls" look. (look the group up & you will know instantly what i'm talking about). see, she looks pleased.

so this is how i trimmed it so it would be less obvious. it looks like she has her little bob tucked in. we can just put a clip in on the one side & make it look like we have it combed over. or she can wear big head bands...the stretch kinds. i need to do something. again, i'm devastated! the side & most of the back that i trimmed comes down to her neck line, right below her chin. but it doesnt rest on her shoulder. i just cant believe it. so now i'm going to look on ebay for some big foofoo headbands. she's still my cute esther. and who am i kidding? its not like she had the calmest hair anyway. oh well. such is life.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Wendy but I had to laugh. Don't know if I was laughing at the visual of you seeing it or Esther not having a problem with it and liking her new doo.