Friday, September 16, 2011

it's viral!

i took levi to his pediatrician today (the best pediatrician in the whole wide world: Dr. Nivea Velazquaz of PDC Pediatrics). he has been just whiny & clingy this whole week. he has been snotty with a low grade fever. i didnt know if he had an ear infection or if he is just dealing with what i am as a by product of nursing. so anyway, it's just viral. his ears are beautiful. his chest is clear. his nose is a bit snotty but nothing to worry about. he has no rashes. he's not lethargic & at the doctor's office he had no fever (motrin took care of that). he weighed in at a healthy 19lbs 6ozs today. Dr. V said he had quick reflexes because when she leaned in to listen to his chest he grabbed her glasses off of her face. then when she was holding him up to watch him stand he grabbed her earring & almost pulled it out of her ear & she was trying to deflect him. she also said he had great skin & was a perfect baby. we both agreed that he has his mama's legs. i will say this, he has the chubbiest legs i have ever seen on a baby. so funny.
but this is levi this afternoon after we got home from the dr. if you want to keep your drink with a straw, do not drink it around levi. he will take it from you if given the slightest chance. for the record, it was just tea in the cup. he looks so big & proud of himself with the cup. my boy!

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