Sunday, September 25, 2011

needy flash!

when we finally got home from church & after church dinner levi needed to nurse badly! plus he was ready for a nap. well since we had been gone all day, flash missed me. while i was nursing levi flash jumped up on top of levi & demanded petting. levi kept going until the 3rd picture was being taken. and rachel didnt get the camera out for at least 10 minutes. by the end of the nursing session i had all 3 of my youngest babies either on my lap or hanging on the chair with me!

here levi decided to take a look at the camera.
(the 2nd photo was too revealing so i didnt put that one in!)
flash was licking my hand because i was petting him i guess.
he was telling me he loved me.

as you can see i was talking to levi about being sat on &
flash got jealous & started to lick my face to get my attention.

levi smiling at the camera again & flash was
noticing esther coming up beside him.
she's always good for some crumbs on her face!

and here are all 3 of my youngest babies sitting with me.
 and all i can say is those are 3 of the most gorgeous babies ever!
especially flash. he looks so regal!

i hope you all had a good Sunday. i'm going to go finish
watching the football game (i'm pulling for the Colts) and
do some more lesson plans! that never ends!

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