Tuesday, April 30, 2013

abigail turns 8

abigail turned 8 on the 20th of April. i cant say enough good things about her. she is so encouraging, probably the most of anyone i know. she always has an encouraging word for one of her siblings or her father & i..."good job," "way to go," "i knew you could do it." "i love you".....etc. 
she is also waaaaaayyyyyy to smart for her own good. her reading level is off the charts. she can read between the lines better than a lot of adults. she is also very good at reading people. i think she might have a career in the investigative field. if not that, then her children wont get by with much. 

Anyway, Abigail Grace....you are loved & adored. 8 years have flown by & we are so proud of the girl you are &  the young lady you are becoming. Thankful that you love the Lord first and share His love every chance you get with others. 

we have started a new tradition of taking the birthday child out by themselves with mom & dad. Abigail wanted a good grilled cheese sandwich for her birthday dinner so she decided on Cracker Barrel. It was between Cracker Barrel & IHOP. I was happy with the choice of Cracker Barrel.

Also, Abigail being a bit different than most kids her age, she only wants cheesecake for her birthday cake. For as long as she could decide what cake she wanted it has been cheesecake. Rachel actually made them this year & Abigail said they were the best she had ever had.

we were high fiving over her blowing out all 8 candles with one breath! oh to be so young!

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