Tuesday, April 30, 2013

just random everyday stuff around here

so esther was pouting or whining about something so i snapped a picture to show her how "adorable" she looked.

abigail at the ballfield....just being cute.

Asher in the yard being ...well......cute!

and a real shot of esther being adorable!

clay was putting shingles on a new rabbit hutch he recently built & levi needed to get in on the action. he is a man's man. he is constantly following clay around the yard trying to do exactly what he does out there. levi's favorite things are a tape measure and a hammer.

could he be any cuter?

 uh yes he can!!!

abigail waiting on her birthday cheesecake.

levi waiting on some of abigail's birthday cheesecake.

silly asher

i have been calling elizabeth "princess pouty" because she has had major attitude lately. but
in this picture she was being a normal almost 14 year old....showing a little attitude! she's so beautiful.

elizabeth & foofie taking selfies!

ok we have had issues with a possum eating our helpless animals. we have lost an almost laying silkie chicken that i had hatched out of my incubator. this possom climbed in the coop...ate the silkie, minus it's wings & left. but it also hurt my leghorn (who is recuperating nicely).
so we moved everyone around so we wouldnt lose anymore of our chickens to the wild night life.
well sadly, the possom came back & ate one of our baby runner ducks THRU the cage bars. i was so mad!!! so we went to tractor supply and bought a "catch & release" trap. there wont be any releasing!    if we actually catch the critter it's a dead critter.

anyway, we were testing the trap out.... notice rachel's face in the back ground. we have laughed so much over it. she said "maybe we can catch an armadillo" in her best "target lady" from SNL voice. it's pretty funny. i made this picture larger than the others so you can see rachel's face. makes me laugh.

i figured out how to catch wild boys!! m&m's!!

and this was foofie while this was going on. she is thinking, "i'm surrounded by crazy."

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Courtney said...

I love Foofie's face in the first one with her and the cage! Oh my goodness I laughed out loud. Too cute! All your children are such blessings. :) So enjoy seeing the pictures of them and a peek into your daily lives through your blog! :)