Wednesday, April 3, 2013


here are some pictures of foofs on selfie of elizabeth & foofs that i found on the camera (this was when elizabeth was doing schoolwork & watching foofie at the same time)....and then the last picture is levi this morning. this was his idea of a fit...when he doesnt get his way he throws himself on the ground & is very still. he doesnt like to hear what you have to say if he is in disagreement with it so he shuts out everything & everybody. i would rather have this then a screaming tantrum tho!

Ruthie's thoughts:

"lady why do you have that contraption in my face?"

"yes i am cute & i will grace you with a smile."

"seriously......enough is enough"

"if you must...."

"ok lady, why am i sitting up here on the deck & everyone else is getting chocolate?"

"who me?" (look at those big blue eyes!!!!!

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