Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hunting those eggs

we have started over the last few years of having an easter egg hunt here at home. we have enough kids & enough land to make it fun. i think we hid about 220 eggs this year. they were all filled with chocolate, except for the golden egg - which Rachel found & it had $5 in it.
i said this last year & i will say it again, i love that rachel & elizabeth get out there & enjoy the egg hunt as much as the little kids do. elizabeth didnt allow for pictures....she shies away from them, but you see glimpses of her in the edges of the pictures.
needless to say, they have all had enough chocolate to eat to last a lifetime.
thrown in are some pictures of a couple of animals enjoying us being out & around on sunday. they like it when their humans come out to play.

this rooster is "Gaffigan". I originally thought he was a she but he started crowing and I knew he wouldnt be giving me any eggs. i hatched him out in our incubator from a set of eggs that i collected last year. he was 1 of the 2 chicks that hatched out of that batch. he is a leghorn/americana (easter egger) mix. basically a barnyard mutt. as far as roosters go he is very docile and he looks so funny with that floppy leghorn comb he is sporting - that is why we named him "Gaffigan" - after Jim Gaffigan, the comedian...."hot pocket". if you dont know who he is, look him up on netflix or youtube. he is hilarious. be prepared tho, on occasion he will throw out a curse word or a vulgar phrase, but they are few & far between from what we have seen of him.
anyway elizabeth, who feeds him, thought something was wrong with this rooster because of his comb.also, there are a few of his fertilized eggs in my incubator as i type, growing & hopefully set to hatch on or around April 11th-14th.

i think as the day progressed Levi's face got dirtier & dirtier & i never cleaned it until bedtime. oh well.

and i fear that Levi & Asher's white shirts will never come clean.

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