Wednesday, April 3, 2013

easter bubbles

all of the kids that are walking, received a bottle of bubbles. it's an easter tradition that my mother use to do for my sisters & me long ago. we always got a bottle of bubbles in our easter baskets.

here are some pictures of the little guys playing with their bubbles. needless to say it's been 2 days & i believe all 4 of the little ones have used (or poured out on accident) all of their bubbles at this point. but they were fun while they lasted.

clayton actually hid the eggs while i was inside finishing up easter dinner.last year because liberty likes chocolate filled easter eggs, that we kept her & flashy penned up during the hunt. clay didnt remember that last year, even tho liberty was penned up, she still tried to steal eggs......we hid them too close to her pen & she would stick out her paw & pull the egg into the kennel. she was able to score 2 eggs this way & she busted them open & promptly ate the candy inside. she's a smart dog...too smart sometimes. she and flashy also got the ham bone & cut off fat pieces from the ham as well as the turkey gizzard & liver. they were treated well for easter.

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