Friday, March 25, 2011

blurry vision

this picture describes how i feel about my's going by in a blur.
there's so much i want to do. so much i want to accomplish.
so many character flaws i want to correct to be the person i want to be.
places i want to go.....etc.
it's going too fast & i cant stop it - time that is.
and i dont want to miss anything.
Lord help me.
this picture is actually how i see things without my glasses on...actually i lack seeing things worse than the picture even. - my vision is so bad they dont even ask me at the optomologist office to read the letters, they just stand back & ask me if i can tell them how man fingers they are holding up & that all depends on how close they are...i guess that's a good way to describe how i'm feeling. and what is equally as interesting (to me) is that when i cant see - or dont have my glasses on - i cant hear as well either. hmmmm..i am going to have to think on this for a bit. there's a lesson in here somewhere.

btw, clay had his surgery. he is doing great & it wasnt nearly as bad as the doctor imagined it was.
he is on the upmend & going tomorrow to have the gauze removed.

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