Monday, March 28, 2011

scratch that!

well suey (that's the spelling from what i was told) went back home today to be with her original family. after coming out to visit yesterday to make sure she was settling in, they decided they couldnt live without her so she is back home with them. i really cant imagine how they do it. they are a "his, mine, & ours" situation that lives in about 1200 sq. ft home with 6 children, 2 ferrets (which they tried to give me today in exchange for giving them suey back), and a dog. they also do not have a fence to their little yard so i cant imagine how they keep their pig home. but i wish them the best. i told theowner originally she could have her pig back if she couldnt handle it. i guess looking for a new home for her wasnt what they thought it would be. oh well. back to a single buble' - which is fine because today when rachel went to get suey out of her special pen to go home, she had to walk suey through the pen with buble' & he attacked suey & rachel even got scared that she couldnt handle buble' who is generally very docile & nice. i guess around a female pig, he forgot that he was a nice pig.
also, i picked up this very nice set of bunk beds today for abigail & esther's room. i am not moving esther out of the crib yet...we actually have a young lady that we love coming to stay with us for about 2 months. i mean i planned on getting bunkbeds by the end of the summer anyway, but this just moved it up a bit. asher will bunk in with abigail & esther for 2 months while our friend lives in transition here for 2 months.

these beds were only $100 on craigslist. they also gave the mattresses. i wont be using those, but i will use the bunky boards. i'm going to reupholster the bunky boards with a white sheet to make them uniform with the new mattresses and i only have to buy 1 mattress from sam's club (actually clay is picking that up tomorrow afternoon).
asher was way funny. we told the kids what was going to be happening this weekend & he decided he doesnt want to sleep with his sisters....he wants to sleep with our beloved friend. (not happening) he recently has figured out that naked barbies are girls & he likes naked girl barbies - if that gives you any indication of where he is at these days. i'm just glad we dont have peep hole key holes in our house!

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