Saturday, March 12, 2011

its super early to be this awake

so levi & i are awake. he is in such a good mood & he just doesnt feel the need to sleep. so why fight it? what's the point of laying there getting frustrated because he wont sleep? not really one. so i'm up. not that i want to be...i dont. i'm so sleepy....and i dont feel well. it seems that some kind of viral cold is going through the house again. and since most of us are a touch asthmatic it ends up being more than just a cold. by 8pm last night i had given 3 breathing treatments, sat 1 kid in a steamy bathroom to ward off the croup, & gave out multiple teaspoon fulls of allergy medicine to help with runny noses. elizabeth had a breathing treatment yesterday to get her cough under control but she seemed to only need one. asher got one with just albuterol (same as elizabeth) to stop his cough. abigail got just the steriod because she tends to be more croupy & the albuterol seems to exaserbate the problem. esther got both as she was wheezing & coughing. thankfully levi hasnt needed one in a while. he still gets stopped up but i think that's just from being a baby with boogies...arent boogies a natural occurance in life & since he doesnt know how to pick & eat his like the rest of the little kids i know...he gets a bit backed up with them!
rachel is sick...sore throat, sniffly nose. she & i seem to have the same problem. my throat is on fire & i cant breath through my nose. and i'm not taking any medicine until i have someone to help watch the baby because if makes me sleep.
clay has a horrible infection in his sinus cavaties but he is having surgery to help with his problem on the 23rd. he met with his doctor yesterday. and this surgery will be more intense than in the past because the doctor is going to go into clay's sinus cavaties behind his eyes & up in his forehead to clean out the polyps that are hindering his free breathing.
so needless to say, i'm sure..but i'm ready for spring, summer. i'm ready to open the windows & to feel warmth on my skin (without the need of a heating blanket or long sleeves). i'm ready for the kids to go out & play without fear of them getting too cold & with getting to cold....catching a cold. i will say, it's been a much better winter season with sickness than the last 2....we have little irritating colds this winter but we have been antibiotic free this winter (minus clay) thanks to a air filter/humidfier on our heating system. i'm also ready for summer because i think it's easier to lose weight in the summer...& i need to lose some weight.
now to change the subject....esther is fully potty trained. we didnt have any accidents in 2 days. she is remaining dry through the night & naps most days now. she is doing both #1 & #2 on the big potty. i cant believe i only have one kid in diapers. that's so awesome!!!

and i think i'm going to attempt to make this little owl for levi later today.......

i read a lot of craft blogs & this little cute teether had a tutorial with a pattern. soooo easy to make...i just want to go to the store & get some minky fabric for the back instead of just using cotton & i am going to put some thick crinckly plastic in the middle betweeen the batting so when he chews on it, it will make that sound babies seem to like. oh & his wont be pink...i'm thinking orange, with browns & blues. i might even get around to posting a picture when i'm done. i also have tons of craft books i just got that i wanted to show you all but...well that takes effort to post a bunch of pictures of just books when i can hardly post pictures of the kids.
oh & our first fruit trees got here yesterday. 4 apple trees & 1 peach tree. we are SO EXCITED. it will take a year or two but hopefully worth the wait. now for pear trees, a fig tree & a few plum trees....either in a month or 2 or next year - havent decided & pecan trees in the fall!
once we take care of the planting fruit trees & the garden for the year (we have started seeds - maybe i can post pictures of that too - clay made special planter boxes) i can start ordering peonies & hydranga bushes. i'm ready to have a real flower garden...or flower beds anyway....prettiness around the house. i want some snow thrift & dahlias.....oh well. it's not the end of the world if it doesnt happen but i can dream.
the little kids are excited about the trees & the garden. asher cant wait for the blackberries & the grapes to produce this year. he is a eater as he picks. (not talking noses here).
ok well i'm going to go hold my cute boy. he's pretty happy still. wide awake, smiling at me.
being a mom is hard...but i get these sweet times of having him to myself. it's a good trade that wont last for all that long. we are going to go watch the movie "rat race" as it's on a cable station & it's pretty funny.

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